Welp, since I'm the OBBESIVE Enderlox fan ass, I had to do this. There are SO MANY stories about how Enderlox was born/created/made, that I had made a list.

  • Herobrine was a jackass and captured Deadlox and did horrible experiments on him.
  • Some sort of virus or infection.
  • Deadlox has a Alter Ego.
  • Deadlox killed the Ender Dragon, so the Ender Dragon became da jackass and possessed Deadlox. (nice. Bitch plz.)

Well, I have a THEROY! (A game theory-wait wrong thing. ->-) A little conspiracy if your stupid or you like your long list of complicated vocab words. Nobody knows how Enderlox was born/created/made because he DIDN'T want ANYONE to know. He killed anyone that discovered how he was born/created/made (Wow. I'm overusing that... a bit to much!) and people started theorizing how he was born/created/made. People never WANTED to truly find out, since Enderlox would torture and kill them.

That's my theory. Feel free to make more of CONTINUITY ERRORS that's in this wiki. IF YOU MESS WITH ANY PAGES ON THIS WIKI THOUGH, I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU!