• TheGamerDerp

    Welp, since I'm the OBBESIVE Enderlox fan ass, I had to do this. There are SO MANY stories about how Enderlox was born/created/made, that I had made a list.

    • Herobrine was a jackass and captured Deadlox and did horrible experiments on him.
    • Some sort of virus or infection.
    • Deadlox has a Alter Ego.
    • Deadlox killed the Ender Dragon, so the Ender Dragon became da jackass and possessed Deadlox. (nice. Bitch plz.)

    Well, I have a THEROY! (A game theory-wait wrong thing. ->-) A little conspiracy if your stupid or you like your long list of complicated vocab words. Nobody knows how Enderlox was born/created/made because he DIDN'T want ANYONE to know. He killed anyone that discovered how he was born/created/made (Wow. I'm overusing that... …

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