TobyBrine red dec.

this is the first picture of him posted by his creator on Deviantart

Tobybrine is the evil version of SoTotallyToby.

Not a lot is known aboutTobybrine but here's the story.

Tobybrine was the first child from herobrine but at the time he didn't have white eyes. By the age of 13, Toby would usually wander off at night and return in the day. He usually tried to scare people like his father did but he really wasn't that scary. One day as he walked HitTheTarget appeared and shot him with an arror knocking him out. He woke up in the End/Toronto where Enderlox lives. But when he woke up his eyes were white.

When Toby finally recovered he enjoyed scaring people with his new white eyes. But after 4 months he started feeling lonely since everyone was scared of him.

When he turned 20 he moved away and decided that he would at least try to use his new abilities. Tree years later he discovered that he had 2 more siblings and decided to return to see if he found any of them so he wouldn't be so lonely. He was able to met one of his siblings; ChimneyBrine. They were best friends and started their own group and have been both trying to find their other sibling; Skybrine