SomeDeadlyNonsense is the yandere like version of SomeSeriousNonsense, or Alesa. (aka Sky's new girlfriend/fiance)

One day I was talking with Kricken (before ItsKracken occurred), and I noticed a boy our age walking with two others. One had on green headphones, another had a blue spacesuit, and the last one had on an amulet, close to mine that I found one day mining, and a pair of sunglasses. I walked up to talk to him. "Hello, aren't you Sky, Ty, and Jason?" I asked. They nodded in unison. "Yep," answered Jason, "That's us." "Hey Sky, we'll meet up later, we'll see ya." Said Ty. Sky nodded and the other two left, waving. "I really like your amulet," He said, "Where'd you get it?" "Oh this? Just in a dungeon, my friend FearRaiser found it and gave it to me." I answered. He nodded, smiling.

After a few weeks of talking over Skype, he finally asked to go out. I was obliged to say yes! After a few months of dating, he had to save his friend Ty from the squid, for the second time. I never saw him for 3 months, but I heard about a new team with a leader VERY closely resembling to Sky. I knew it was him. I didn't want my Sky getting hurt. . .

I suited up to go to the End. Getting diamonds, swords, potions-- I even got prayers from a village Priest to make sure I didn't get hurt.

Once I got to the End, I was greeted with an Ender Dragon/Deadlox hybrid. He made me fight him, to see if I truly loved Sky. At the last killing blow, I tried to stab him into the heart, but he did that to me instead. But I didn't die. Instead, I realized the sword had insanity serum on it, and since it came into my veins, I only thought of Sky as my one priority. My hair turned crimson red, same with my normally green and brown eyes. I started to twitch, and laughed insanely. I've never felt so powerful!

My love for Sky is strong and true, so when I heard of Deadables, I kept my eyes on her, and every other girl. Enderlox was kidding about the Sky threats, but I got back at him by making a deep cut into his back, legs, and face. How? Well, these powers gave me super sonic jump and sonic screams. I know I sound really OP, but it's really what happened.

As for any girls that try to get near Sky; If they hurt, touch, or flirt with Sky, I won't take any nonsense about that.