Setocontroled is the evil version of Setosorcecer.


It all started one day when Enderlox came to Seto to ask him a favor. The favor was to give him a spell that would make him more powerful, but Seto knew this was a bad idea because if an evil youtuber got more power than what he needed, they would go out of control so he refused. Enderlox got mad, but he knows better than to hurt or kill him. Seto has helped Enderlox to make many evil youtubers, so Enderlox left.He then told the story to Skybrine and WitherMU. Skybrine said that maybe it would be a great idea if Enderlox was able to control Seto and that was exactly what he would do. He went to Seto a second time and quickly gave him a zap of this power. Seto fell down, but when he woke up, he had purple eyes. Enderlox checked if his trick worked by telling him a command, and at his suprise he followed. When Enderlox stopped giving commands, Seto returned back to normal, but he doesn't know of what happened. Because, when he is controlled by Enderlox, it's a whole different mind he has. Seto now has two sides to him : Good and Evil.