picture of Robotduncan laughing on Skyblock with S?!n

RobotDuncan is the evil cyborg version of YOGSCAST Duncan.

His inteigence has grown sence he turned evil


Xephos and Honeydew found him in a fire the helped Duncan back to the Jaffa factory to heal his wounds.When Duncan wooke up his right armed was to chared to move.Then he asked to bring him to his lab.

In the lab he made a robot arm so he had to chop off his burnt one and quicky put the robot one in. When a lighting bolt hit the lab messing up every electronic a virus was detected inside Duncan causing him to go insane when he made robot wings for himself.

After that he found Sips and riped out his heart and buried Xephos alive.Not long after, Honeydew entered Duncan's lab to see where was Duncan, Sips or Xephos. But as he walks in Duncan come from Behind slicing trough him a sword killing him.

After that RobotDuncan used MagmaXephos to kill who ever enters Duncan`s lab without his premission.

RobotDuncan is now creating robots to take over the world but SlimeHannah AKA Evil Hannah keeps distroying them.

RobotDuncan and SlimeHannahEdit

Hannah just like Duncan, wants to take over the world by killing everyone and only leaving all monsters live. Duncan plans to make Robots to take over the world. Even thought Hannah and Duncan are together most of the time, Hannah keeps trying to sabotage Duncan's Plans for them to fail