MadPat (or Anti Matter) is the evil alter ego of MatPat. Not much has ever been known about him... until now, that is. He isn't any Antisepticeye or Darkiplier, but he's still an ego, and he's still evil or so we are led to believe. MatPat doesn't say anything about him, kind of like Nate doesn't say anything about Natemare. 


People think MadPat is insane. He is completely psycho, and unlike most egos, he doesn't like to stick with the same side. He often alternates, making him unpredictable. 

He often isn't seen, but he's heard a bunch. He often carries around a chainsaw that he somehow attached to a flamethrower, and wears an empty Freddy Fazbear suit, kind of like the games.  

This is all merely speculation due to lack of appearance time. 

More about MadPat 

Vital statistics
Position Evil side of matpat
Age  ???
Status Alive,
Physical attributes


Videos Edit

FNaf the musical supercut Edit

In FNaF the Musical Supercuts there is a bonus clip of MadPat who appears in the office.

Duck Season Theory Edit

It's possible that madpat trapped matpat.

Half Life Theory Edit

Madpat appears at the begining.

Secret Life of Markiplier Edit

MadPat does a face reveal and speaks to the audience. His first MatPat confirmed appearance.

The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring Horror Movies Edit

Though MadPat can disguise his voice it seems to appear here.