“KISS YOUR LIFE GOODBYE” Is A Video Made By DanTDM, Officially Comfirming DarkTDM‘s Arrival.

Plot: The Video Starts With Dan Telling The Viewers That He Doesn’t Feel Good, But He Will Still Do A Vlog For Them. Dan Goes To The Kitchen, Grabs A “Medicine” Labeled “UNKNOWN”, And Takes It. Suddenly, His Voice Suddenly Gets Better. He Says That The Medicine Worked Really Well, And He Can Continue The Vlog. Dan Then Hears The Door Close And Goes To Investigate. He Finds His Pugs There, Who Look Scared. Dan Says That It Was Probably Their Toys Hitting The Door. But There Are No Toys There. Dan Is Really Confused But Continues The Vlog. The Sounds Of Children Laughing Are Heard And Dan Then Goes See What It Is. While He Is Absent, Darkiplier Can Be Seen For A SplIt Second. When Dan Comes Back, He Says There Was Nothing There And Was Just Hearing Things. At A Random Point In The Video, Dan Starts Coughing Nonstop And DannyDarko‘s Laughing Can Be Heard. Dan Then Passes Out And A White And Red Matter Enters His Body. His Skin Turns Pale, His Clothes Change To A Black Hoodie, And He Gets Up. His Eyes Are Red, And He Says His Name Is “DarkTDM“. He Blames The Viewers For Dan’s Death, And The Medicine Was Actually Dark Matter. He Then Tells The Viewers To Kiss Their Lives Goodbye And The Video Ends.