Jimmy Casket can ther be considered the evil version of Venturian (Jordan) from Venturiantale, or Johnny Ghost from their Gmod roleplays. Jimmy Casket is a psycotic murderer and kills everything and anything he wants To kill. Jimmy usually says his famous catchphrase, "Do you wanna know my secret?", right before killing his victim.  

Inside the world Venturiantale created Jimmy Casket is posessing/another side of Johnny Ghost, who is a paranormal investigator. Johnny is unaware of Jimmy's presence and says he blacks out whenever Jimmy wants to come out. It is unknown that Johnny Toast, Ghost's partner, is aware of Jimmy's presence but there has been therories thrown around about this and other subject matters such as where Jimmy came from and who exactly he is.  

Jordan is associated with Jimmy Casket because he created and acts as him during some videos. This usually happens either when he and his siblings are playing the game murder, or he and his siblings are roleplaying and Jordan is Johnny Ghost, allowing any time that Ghost gets frusterated, angry or upset, for Jimmy to come out.  

Random facts about Jimmy Casket  

  • Jimmy Casket usually kills with A knife but is also seen using other lethal weapons.  
  • Therories speculate that Jimmy came because of cardboard Friend (evil box spirit)  
  • from what the VT fandom has created and from what I have seen there are three different versions of Jimmy Casket that people draw him like. There is the Venturian version where it's Jordan but as Jimmy casket. Theirs Jimmy exactly in the same outfit as a Ghost but with red eyes and a knife. And theirs the completley different looking Jimmy Casket that doesn't look like Ghost or Jordan.  
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    Jimmy Casket