itsKracken is the evil version of ItsKricken.


She is the only evil youtuber that got killed and then revived into another evil youtuber ; Invisible Girl.

The StoryEdit

It all started when krickin was drowned by Enderlox as a squid. You see for 24 hours, Seto (Setosorcerer) gave Enderlox the ability to make illusions and turn into anything he wanted. He used this ability to make Bodil666. Returning to the story to the story, Cib (itsCib) tried to rescue her, but he was too late. Enderlox then took ItsKrickin's body to land. After draining all the water out of her, Enderlox revived her, but amazingly she had squid powers not ender powers. She was then taken to the End, but then she quickly hated Skybrine and Skybrine hated her. Enderlox said that they should get along. But one day everything changed.

Krackin's DeathEdit

As time passed, Skybrine controlled his hate against itsKrackin but it grew even larger. One day as Skybrine was alone Krackin said from behind, "Sky, I have a question." Sky turned around. Suddenly, a tentacle wrapped around his neck. Krackin came and said, "Why do you hate squids?" Sky was able to escape, but it was now a war. ItsKrackin vs Skybrine. It all ended when Sky's Butter (Gold) Sword went right through Krackin's Body. Deadables was there the whole time. She ran to the laying body of Krackin to see if she could help and then came IhasCreeper. And from behind her came Enderlox. Enderlox was furious with what Sky did. Desperately, Deadables and IhasCreeper kept asking if they could help Krackin who was still alive. But Enderlox said that there was no way they could save her. Krackin died minutes later. This was the end of ItsKrackin. Her soul only lived, but as a soul she got rid of her squid abilities which would turn her into a new type of evil Youtuber; Invisa Girl.