She is the only evil YouTuber that had to be trained to be a monster.

The StoryEdit

It had been a week since Red (Redb15) went missing. One day, Quake received a letter saying, "Come to the End if you want to see him again." Quake knew it was talking about Red, and so she did. She expected to fight the Ender Dragon, but it wasn't here. A heavy rock knocked her out. When she woke up, she was tied to the walls of TheFearRaiser's Canadian Ender Fortress. She saw that Red was tied up. Enderlox and multiple other monsters were standing in front of them. Enderlox told her that if she had two choices: give herself up and they would release Red or leave and see Red on the spot. Quake couldn't stand the thought of Red dying, so she surrendered. The monsters took Red back to his house in LA while Quake stayed in the End. Enderlox was thinking of a monster to turn her in to when SkyBrine suggested a Creeper. Enderlox loved the idea. He told Setosorcerer that he would possess Quake with a Creeper. It was hard, but Seto was able to do it. Now that Quake was a Creeper, Enderlox trained her to kill people with her unlimited exploding which, unlike a creeper, doesn't harm herself.

But iHasCreeper had one weakness: She could not harm people she already knew. They tried to make Quake kill Red but Quake wouldn't do a single scratch. Enderlox didn't see this as a huge issue and just used other random people to train Quake. Then he sent iHasCreeper back to the Overworld. She killed a lot of people, but when she saw Red they both instantly froze. iHasCreeper got out of her Creeper form and it seemed that iHasCreeper was reverting. She returned home with Red, but Enderlox wanted her back. He told Seto that his stupid spell didn't work and that iHasCreeper had reverted. Enderlox kidnapped Quake again and gave Seto a second chance. This time Seto used a black magic Creeper possession and iHasCreeper got even worse. She killed multiple YouTubers including Slamacow, ChimneySwift and TheZombiUnicorn and then turned them into evil version. But, she would still not kill Red. Enderlox took her back to TheFearRaiser's Canadian Ender Fortress in the End a.k.a. Toronto (where all evil YouTubers live) and kept training her and is thinking of using Seto's abilities more often.