HuskyMudzilla is HuskyMudkipper's monster form.

Story Edit

HuskyMudkipper was captured by Enderlox and turned into a mobzilla by Seto.He destroyed a lot such as the US Mineplex server and killed both GenLawrence and PopularMMOs.He took many sacrifices such as Ssundee/Sszombee, JustParodiezMan/JustEnderman,tcstarr/tcspider, and pjstarr/pjspider.

Eventually kiffby,ms_jody,ocelot400,emmadeejay Jerome_ASF,BajanCanadian,GoldSolace and Deceptibonk invaded the End (Toronto) with Notch as their leader.Everyone got ready for the invasion. Skybrine OHKO'd emmadeejay and turned her emmacreepjay. ms_jody was killed by kiffby, as kiffby was hypnotized under a spell by Seto. ms_jody and kiffby's dead bodies burned.But HuskyMudzilla was the main fighter. Enderlox rode him while Bodil666 rode WitherMU and killed GoldSolace who burned to his death too.Deceptibonk turned into Deceptimutant and the mutant creeper that was once Deceptibonk exploded. Killing herself and Jerome_ASF.BajanCanadian mourned over his dead buddy, and ran off with Notch back to the overworld. All the evil youtubers won the battle. They partied in Toronto and they thanked Husky for killing most of the youtubers.

Appearance Edit

A Mobzilla with Husky's suit and blue tinted scales.