Enderlox is one of the the most famous of all the evil youtubers. He is known to be the darker and insane
The Big Black Cat (PonyCraft Enderlox Flipnote AMV)-1419379273

The Big Black Cat (PonyCraft Enderlox Flipnote AMV)-1419379273

side of Deadlox.

Enderlox's storyEdit

It all started when TheFearRaiser kidnapped him on his 17th birthday. He sent him to his hometown of Toronto. TheFearRaiser then tried a crazy trick. Since most mobs are toxic on the inside, he decided he would force Deadlox to drink the Ender Dragon's blood, but instead this caused Deadlox to hallucinate. When the squids, led by TheFearRaiser and his pet guardian, kidnapped Deadlox for the first time, SkyDoesMinecraft was trapped behind bedrock bars, which were invisible from Deadlox's point of view. Deadlox started to feel something in his body changing. He had no idea what was going on. He eventually escaped and just told Sky that nothing happened. But Deadlox knew something was going on. Back at home, he grew wings and a tail. He got purple eyes and black scales. This created Enderlox. Deadlox learned how to use his new abilities, such as how to fly and how to teleport. But as he learned how to use his abilities, he felt very lonely since he thought he was the only monster. So, he decided to create some. He started to kill most of his friends. He created WitherMU, GhastVenom, iHasCreeper, HannaSlime and more.

He later discovered that Sky was actually Skybrine, and Hero'Broin, both of which were from Dublin, Ireland, was his father.

Now he had friends, but he wanted to have a Canadian Ender Friend, so he created EnderSparklez. He later moved to the End (Toronto) with all of his other Monster Friends. Ever since Enderlox, many monsters have been created and new ones keep coming up.


Around the myth of Enderlox, many new myths of his power and weaknesses were made around him. One of the first of many was the myth that water harms him on contact. Another addition is his weapon, an obsidian sword shaped like a maple leaf, and summoning a purple fire in his hands.