Demonlox is the demonic version of Deadlox


Demonlox was created in an unusual way... Demonlox was created from a dark energy that began to corrupt Deadlox's soul, however instead, the dark energy created a new being named Demonlox. Demonlox was trapped in a crystal for many years, until, one day, he was finally freed by using his summonable scythe. Once Demonlox was freed, he began to kill anyone that got in his way.

However, Demonlox was being followed by the demonic ( and idiot ) version of SkyDoesMinecraft, Demonsky. Demonlox and Demonsky have known each other for a long time, ever since they were created and trapped in a crystal. Demonsky found Demonlox, but Demonlox almost killed Demonsky and warned him if he ever wanted to follow him, he'd kill him.

Demonlox and DemonskyEdit

Demonlox mostly hates Demonsky, mainly because of his stupidity.