Deadables is the evil version of Dawnables.


Deadables is one of the few youtubers that was not created by Enderlox. Unless Deadables gets rid of her abilities, she is unable to be killed.

The StoryEdit

It all started when Dawnables killed herself from falling after breaking up with Sky (SkyBrine). Just a day later, BrotatoBrine left the end for some adventure when suddenly, he finds Dawnables' dead body. Brotato wants to take the lead by making Dawnables in a evil Youtuber. He first tried asking Setosorcerer if he could revive Dawn, but he said no. He also asked why didn't BrotatoBrine used his powers to revive her. Brotato said no because he was sure that would make another herobrine and he wants to be the last herobrine. Brotato later thought why not make it like the movies; use electricity to revive her. He did that idea, but for a day nothing happened. Since it was very late, BrotatoBrine fell asleep. When he woke up, he was surprised to see Dawnables alive. She looked normal, but they discovered she was inpossible to kill after Brotato did some tests on her.

Brotao later took Dawnables, who was now Deadables,to the end. She made friends with IHasCreeper and itsKrackin. Deadables looks like normal Dawnables, but she has a very evil side. She can transform into what looks like a voodoo doll of her and if she grows powerful enough, she could get to kill others with her mind.

She can also fly and take over people's body's. She can't, however, take over other evil youtubers body's though.