Chimney Brine is the supposedly to be the son of Herobrine and is the monster version of Chimneyswift11 .


Chimney was the second kid herobrine had. He was 1 out of 3 kids herobrine would have. ChimneyBrine was a very active kid but he didn't have any friends to play with him because his other sibling left and haven't been seen and since he had white eyes no body wanted to be with him. Little Chinmey was very lonely in his childhood. when he was 15 he decided that he would be like his dad; always scaring everyone. He would scare at school, stores, parks and even in his house. One day as Chimney was walking he saw a creature he didn't know what is was not knowing it was Enderlox. Enderlox turned around just to see Chimney. But as Enderlox saw his white eyes he just flew away. Enderlox problably Knew he was a Monster. Chimney felt petrified but just kept walking. When he got home he asked his mom what he saw. She explained that a long time ago a creature name Enderlox came and ever since then Monsters have been coming up like you and you're other older brother. Chimney now had a answer to his question but him being called a monster was offensive and he went into depression.

Meeting his SiblingEdit

when he turned 19 he snuck out and decided to live alone but before he left the house somebody with white eyes came at the door. It wasn't his dad so he asked who he was; It was Toby Brine. Chimney was so exited to finally met his brother. Toby and Chimney became the best of friends and started a little group. Some years later they both discovered that they had another sibling; Skybrine. They retured home but just to see that their house has been abandoned and now are both trying to find their other sibling and discover what happened to their house and family.