Brotatobrine Is the evil version of MunchingBrotato, hailing from Toronto, Canada.


You might think that BrotatoBrine was one of the Herobrine Siblings (SkyBrine, TobyBrine & ChimneyBrine) but he's not.

The StoryEdit

MunchingBrotato was just walking with his friend Kkcomics, when suddenly he claimed he just saw Sky Does Minecraft. You see, Sky went missing just 2 weeks ago. Brotato said that they should check if it was Sky, but Kkcomics disagreed and just walk away. Brotato just had to check. He went into the forest where he says he saw Sky. Turns out it was SkyBrine but he had his glasses on. Sky knew who brotato was and just had to play it cool to protect his real identity. But Sky got frustrated since Brotato kept talking, so he called his friends. Brotato quickly freezes as he sees Enderlox and WitherMU. He had no idea what they where. Enderlox's natural reaction is to kill and that what he does. He slices a sword right through Brotato ending it all. Believe it or not SkyBrine was holding tears, but he couldn't do anything.

Later that day when his friends where gone, SkyBrine came back to the scene to try to revive Brotato the only way he knew: The Herobrine Way. Using his electricity, he zaps the dead body of Brotato hoping for the best. After that, Brotato just lays down as SkyBrine is hopeing he comes back. As Sky thinks he's dead, he notices a light behind him. It was the new eyes of the new Brotato: BrotatoBrine. SkyBrine was so happy. The first thing he did was to take BrotatoBrine to the End (actually Toronto) where all Evil Youtubers live and introduced him to his new Monster Friends. The reason Sky was so happy to have BrotatoBrine was because he meets the Brothers he hasn't meet (TobyBrine & ChimneyBrine) enjoys having his new friends and abilities. BrotatoBrine can also turn off his eyes for them to be normal which makes a perfect disguise.