Bodil40's Death

Bodil40's Death


Artist not known

Bodil666 is the evil version of Bodil40.


Enderlox made Bodil666 by using illusions of his dark power that seto forcefully gave him. Bodil666 is also known to be a creepypasta.

The StoryEdit

It all started when Enderlox forced Setosorcecer to give him dark powers to make him more powerful. With his new abilities he could make illusions, voices, and turn into others. Little did he know that these abilities would only last him 24 hours. As Enderlox walked, he overheard Skybrine talking to WitherMU about the time Bodil40 made a squid version of him. This gave Enderlox a idea. Why not make Bodil40 into another monster, but this time he would have some fun with his abilities. One night, he found Bodil and did a illusion of Sky Does Minecraft, Minecraft Universe and Deadlox. And so it began. He turned off the power and bit Bodil, filling him with evil powers. But the power was so strong, it made Bodil faint. At first Enderlox thought he killed him. When Bodil woke up, he was covered in blood and a knife in one hand. Enderlox then made a illusion that Bodil killed Sky and later made a illusion that he killed TrueMU and Deadlox. Bodil, afraid went to his house where Enderlox was at.

He told Bodil that his friends weren't dead. They where just like him. Bodil was confused, but Enderlox told him that he wouldn't be normal and that he would take him home. He took Bodil to the End and introduced him all the other Youtubers. He told Bodil666 that he would only kill people, but not evil youtubers. Bodil is one of the most deadliest youtubers to place Enderlox and Enderlox fears that he could become more powerful than him.