• TheGamerDerp

    Welp, since I'm the OBBESIVE Enderlox fan ass, I had to do this. There are SO MANY stories about how Enderlox was born/created/made, that I had made a list.

    • Herobrine was a jackass and captured Deadlox and did horrible experiments on him.
    • Some sort of virus or infection.
    • Deadlox has a Alter Ego.
    • Deadlox killed the Ender Dragon, so the Ender Dragon became da jackass and possessed Deadlox. (nice. Bitch plz.)

    Well, I have a THEROY! (A game theory-wait wrong thing. ->-) A little conspiracy if your stupid or you like your long list of complicated vocab words. Nobody knows how Enderlox was born/created/made because he DIDN'T want ANYONE to know. He killed anyone that discovered how he was born/created/made (Wow. I'm overusing that... …

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  • TheDerpHorseMLP

    Look, this think has been bothering me for a LONG time. Like, WHY THE FRIGG ARE THERE SO MANY THEROYS OF HOW ENDERLOX CAME TO BE?!

    There's 1. Squid 2. Infection 3. Alter ego 4. Split soul 5. Herobrine 6. Born that way

    I wonder why! Its ridiculous how people say "SQUIDS FAULT" Because squids aren't SMART enough. Herobrine is "MEH" because there are stronger ways to KILL notch/tale over Minecraft/Both

    Infection is not good enough because it doesn't seam right. If there was a infection that infected others and the SAME infection made Deadlox "Enderlox", there would be MORE people like Enderlox instead of one.

    If Deadlox was BORN as a Ender Dragon hybrid or made like that at a young age, people would notice A SHIT TON FASTER! Unless he NEVER wen…

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  • Bloody legacy


    November 23, 2014 by Bloody legacy

    Deadlox and sky were exploring a mansion. Little did they know it belongs to the herobrine. After a while of exploration together they dissided to split up. Sky to the left. Deadlox to the right. This was one of the worst decisions they ever made.

    "Hello?" Deadlox said as he entered a small room.

    "Hello intruder." Said a ghostly voice from behind him. Deadlock turned around and ran right into herobrine. He was trapped. Herobrine didn't kill him instead he bit deadlox.

    "AAAHHH!!" He screamed feeling like his blood was getting thicker. His eyes burned. His headphones changed from black and green to grey and green. His shirt was now blue with black trim. His pants faded blue jeans. When herobrine stopped deadlox was gone and there stood brinelox…

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