Enderlox still felt lonely. Despite all the friends he created he wanted one more. He stalked many famous minecrafters and turned them evil, until he found Mitch overwise known as TheBajanCanadian. He grabbed a rag dipped it in chloroform and knocked Mitch out while he was walking home.Enderlox teleported back to the End and forced Seto to turn him into a blaze. When Mitch woke up he panicked because his hands were now on fire and so were his legs all the way up to his knees. Enderlox gave him a Blaze skull to wear. Mitch only wore it because he didn't want any of his other friends to find out he was now a monster. Mitch accepted his new name as BlazenCanadian, but refused to kill his monster friends, until he technically went a little insane causing him to kill people. Every so often he'll go from normal to insane and create evil minions out of innocent Minecrafters and send them to his master's new fortress in Toronto.

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