AshleyMarieeKilling: One of many to turn evil by Enderlox.

Story: When Ashley heard that youtubers were turning evil, she tried not to be under the influence. She posted only two videos a week to not be noticed often. But one video of Hunger Games, she saw a person that was not playing. He looked like Deadlox but he had purple instead of green on him and had wings. Ashley started to fight him, but he disappeared and she thought it was just a vision. She started to see him (Enderlox) more and more. After seven videos of seeing him, she thought that she had gone crazy. She went to talk to Red (Redb15) about it. He knew what was happening. Enderlox was trying to get to her. The reason that he was not there when she attacked is that he teleports. Red also said that the evil youtubers hideout was the End. As Ashley left, Enderlox knocked her out and she awoke tied to a wall, like IHasCupquake. Enderlox ordered Setosorcer to find a spell that would turn her evil with abilities that would led people into a false sense of security and kill them. Seto found the spell and turned Ashley into AshleyMarieeKilling. Her pink bows turned blood red and her teeth sharper to a point. Her voice was a bit lower. Enderlox showed Ashley her new home and she became fast friends with Bodil666, Deadables, and Invisa Girl. 


Can call knife storm

Knife (of course) 

Teeth (pointy)